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Granito Brushes Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed, premier co., anchored at Bangalore, spearheaded by highly experienced technical team, the company is engaged in manufacturing abrasives for Granite, Ceramic, Marble and Natural Stone Processing Industries.We are happy to introduce ourselves as the pioneers in India for "Stone polishing Abrasive brushes" made with premium abrasive filaments which offer superior finish to the stone.
With our long association with the stone and ceramic industry and the good support extended by our prestigious customers along with inhouse R&D, we have understood the challenges of the industry and have developed unique series of GRANITO Abrasive Brushes for the Stone / Ceramic Industry.

GRANITO BRUSHES PVT LTD, has the manufacturing capabilities to make large dynamically balanced sueding brush rolls. The sueding brush rolls for textiles has become a perfect fit. Sueding brushes demand a full, dense pattern across the face of the entire core. Our brushes have the maximum bristles per square inch incorporated into the design.

Metal-bonded polishing tools are suitable for preparing a base for the granite's surface. This "roughing-in" process creates the flat surface need to proceed onto the next process. This process resembles grinding.

Polishing is similar to lapping in concept, but the process of removing microscopic surface roughness (asperities) is complicated. Polishing can involve the removal of molecule clusters at an atomic level. Because polishing occurs at such a small scale, it is often difficult to explain effective ways to remove asperities.

Polishing stones requires high levels of skill, especially when making a smooth finish, but it also requires the appropriate tools. Polishing is a process in which tiny grains are used to grind the surface of a material in order to make it perfectly flat and smooth without a scratch. This is the final stage in stone processing, and its importance should not be underestimated. The success of the entire stone roughing, cutting, grinding process is linked to this stage because the "polish" determines the value of the stone product at last.

Lumped into one large classification, polishing processes are actually divided into separate categories, which consist of coarse, middle, and fine grain polishing. For the coarse process, the grain (usually diamond) is larger and bond applied for polishing tools sometimes become "metal" which has strength in long-life and hardness compared to resin-bonded type. As compared to marble, granite has a harder surface, so polishing it can be a difficult task.

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Resin bonded polishing tools are a standard tool comprised of a disc and a pad. They are primarily utilized during the middle phase just before the final finishing. Resin bond is very soft and acts like a cushion so the diamond does not deeply penetrate the surface of the material being polished. As compared with metal, resin bonded polishing tools wear faster, but their cutting speed is faster.

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In the final stage, buffing tools are utilized. Heat is generated during the process, and the buffing literally polishes the surface and makes it shine. There are several kinds of buffing that suits each specific type of stone. The surface's finish varies according to the type of tools selected for the final process. For this buffing, polishing mechanism is more like melting the surface ratherthen cutting the surface.

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Granite Polishing Machines:
Granito Brushes Pvt Ltd   
·Our concrete or granite polishing machines make the surface area smooth and flat without any scratch
·This is the process which actually determines the value of the stone or granite
·This polishing machines actually involve two steps grinding and finished cutting buffing the surface area
·Our polishing machines use a polishing Pad for its operation.


·These heavy duties polishing machines are designed for floor scrubbing finished stripping and buffing process
·These machines use high torque Motors that makes these a highly reliable equipment
·Our machines have a simple positive lock as one of the improved features
·The machine is having high-quality pad holder
·Our machines are having dual switch lever

·The pad diameter of 20 inch runs with the speed of 175 rotation per minutes
·Triple gearbox is needed for its operation
·The maximum output is 10,000 square feet per hour
·Usually this model comes with 50 feet power cord


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