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GRANITO BRUSHES PVT LTD, has the manufacturing capabilities to make large dynamically balanced high speed brushes, the abrasive sanding brush for textiles has become a perfect fit. Sueding brushes demand a full, dense pattern across the face of the entire core. Our brushes have the maximum bristles per square inch incorporated into the design.
Precision Cores are manufactured using steel components and intergral core designs for a rigid fit. The cores are dynamically balanced at operational speeds to ensure vibration-less performance.

Bristle Pattern Options

We provide the most precise bristle configuration available for the brush roll. The full, uniform density optimizes performance and extended life. All our brush rolls are made using premium DuPont filaments.

Re-Bristle and Re-Trim Service

Our Brushes are designed to be stripped and re-bristled to their original "like new" condition whenever they become excessively worn. Cores are carefully examined for shaft wear, core straightness, and balance. Repairs are made and new bristles are applied. Re-trim services are also available whenever uneven bristle wear appears. Both of these services are available to customers who have brushes made by GRANITO BRUSHES PVT LTD or of any other make.


Sueding Brushes for Textile Industries.


Abrasive Silicon Carbide Filaments 
Abrasive Diamond Filaments 
Abrasive Ceramic Filaments

Shapes and sizes:

Brush Rolls in different dimensions as required.
Made to customized shapes and sizes.

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